The Ghosts of Browns Pie Shop

Browns Pie Shop Ghosts

When you consider the history of Browns Pie shop and that of the surrounding area, it’s not surprising to hear stories of ghosts and ghouls.

The building itself is said to be inhabited by one of Lincoln’s most popular ghosts, Humphrey. However there is something more sinister residing on the top floor of the building…

Humphrey, One of Lincoln’s Most Famous Ghosts.

Humphrey has become a local celebrity.

It is not clear why he resides with us but he mainly makes himself known to members of the kitchen staff by making them feel as though they are being watched. His presence is usually felt in the morning.

He can be very mischievous. A past head chef learned that is was a good idea to greet Humphrey before starting work, not doing so could result in Humphrey showing his petulance by throwing dishes and causing confusion by moving objects around. It has even been said that he has ruined dishes by mixing in ingredients that shouldn’t be included.

On one occasion the head chef couldn’t make it into work. Therefore the job of preparing the kitchen for the day was left to another member of staff who wasn’t aware of the need to greet Humphrey. As he was preparing the kitchen he was called away to the phone, when he returned to the kitchen he found the knife that he was using stuck blade first in the floor, the handle still wobbling as if it had been thrown with great force.

Some people have even claimed to see Humphrey and have said that he is actually a small of boy around 8 years of age.

The Sinister Presence Upstairs…

Humphrey isn’t the only presence that resides at Brown’s Pie Shop.

Staff members have experienced sensations of something quite sinister on the upper floor of the building. This presence presents itself as a deathly cold sensation and staff actually avoid going upstairs.

One witness talks of being scared to death when he saw a bunch of keys get ripped out of a door and thrown onto the floor by an unseen force.

The noise of footsteps and money being counted can also be heard from time to time, despite no living person being upstairs.

Paranormal Investigations of Browns Pie Shop

Derek AchoraThere have been a number of paranormal investigators visit our restaurant. The most famous of which was in 2006 when Derek Achora and his Ghost Towns programme arrived in Lincoln.

He visited the restaurant with Angus Purden to investigate poltergeist activity in the basement. A séance was held in the basement which included Derek, Angus, Browns Pie Shop owner Allan Gill and Sophie, a member of staff.

Right at the beginning of the séance, medium Derek Achora said he could feel the presence of a poltergeist right next to him. He asked Allan and Sophie if they ever experienced problems with the restaurants electricity system and said the poltergeist was drawing energy from it – which may have explained why the electricity tripped out on a regular basis.

Sophie was petrified.

Out of nowhere something grabbed hold of Derek…

At first it was pushing his shoulder but then it wrenched his arm sideways, nearly dislocating his shoulder.

What happened next was terrifying.

The poltergeist possessed Derek, dropping his head on the table. Angus Purden was encouraging Allan and Sophie to talk to it and ask it questions but their terror silenced their voices. They couldn’t speak.

Without warning the possessed Derek jumped up from the table a climbed into an alcove in the wall. He started growling and snarling as if he was some sort of wild animal before jumping out at the other members of the séance.

This possession was so severe that a member of the production team had to get hold of Derek and bring him round before he hurt himself or someone else.

After regaining himself, Derek said he felt like he was in a black hole or a hollow in a tree. He said he felt as though he was being hunted.

He felt it necessary to re-start the séance and call to what he referred to as, ‘the higher signs of life’ to remove the poltergeist from Browns Pie Shop.

But still to this day, questions about who or what it was remain unanswered…